Called by Name


The Called by Name stage of the Confirmation preparation will be the introduction to the Sacrament for the year 8 group.

Animate, as the youth ministry team for the Archdiocese, will visit each Catholic High School in the Diocese and lead a stage-based presentation on the Sacrament of Confirmation.

Animate will make use of the peer led nature of their ministry to lead this session through games, activities and personal witness to bring alive the importance of the Sacrament to maturing young people.

They will highlight how young people in year 8 now face difficult decisions and choices and the consequences of those choices will have greater ramifications than when they were children. As such, the Sacrament of Confirmation can help these maturing young people make mature decisions.

The sessions are designed to be fun and offer a simple introduction to the Sacrament. They last about one hour.

Schools book the day and time with the Animate team. These days will be in the Christmas-Easter term.

Alternatively, a school may make use of the videos Animate have created and which can be found at

After this introduction the RE departments will be able to move forward with their specifically designed programme of study in stage two: Called to Serve.