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Parishes tend to get in touch after Easter, so please do not worry if you are not contacted immediately. If you are unsure please contact your own Parish Priest.


GDPR / Data Protection Act 2018

In accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018, I give my consent for the information contained in this application form to be processed and stored. The information provided is being used for the administration of Sacramental Preparation. It is considered the legitimate interest of the organisation and is necessary for compliance.

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Information provided on this form will be held for the sacramental year (which ends on the day new application forms go online for the succeeding sacramental preparation year).

Contact information will be shared with the Dean of the area of which you have applied and your local parish and the Diocesan administration team. And may be shared with other parties associated with Diocesan sacramental preparation and relevant and appropriate Diocesan bodies and authorities.

Information provided here may be used to contact you by email, text, letter or phone.

Privacy and Data Retention

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