This part of the programme is the part that will be most affected in 2021.
Young people will still be contacted after they have regsitered via this website and invited to local preparation. However, in the shorter term, this preparation may have to be virtual preparation via Teams or Zoom.
It is hoped that by summer and then into autumn we will be able to meet face to face.
More information will be given to those who have regsitered as we learn more about what is possible within the roadmap of lockdown easing.
These sessions are designed to give you an idea of things you can do with the young people in your parish or deanery as part of the Diocesan Confirmation programme.

These ideas are not, and should not be seen as, a comprehensive programme that can or should be followed every week.

The Confirmation programme for the Diocese has been designed specifically to allow for flexibility in its delivery; taking into account the different resources, both human and practical, that each deanery can call upon.

You can choose to use as may or as few of these ideas as you want. And you are also, obviously, free to use our own resources and ideas.

The Sessions
Each session is aimed to last about an hour.

There are sample icebreakers that can be used at the start of each session as a separate document.

There are sample prayers that can be used at the end of each session as a separate document. Good practice would suggest that each session should end with some social time: whether that is snacks and drinks with music on an iPod or something a bit more structured such as a trip to McDonald's or even watching a film.

Sessions can be downloaded as a PDF or you can simply follow the session on your phone. The sessions have been deliberately created to be as easy to use and follow as possible. There are not many resources needed to run any of the sessions.

You should remember that these sessions are not designed to offer a formal catechetical instruction. That side of things is done in school by qualified teachers in a specific learning environment. The RE teachers at school have Diocesan resources available for that instruction.

These sessions are designed to offer a complementary option to that catechesis. They are for parishes and PA's to welcome young people into their community. They are designed to allow parishes to learn more about their young people.

They follow the Synod 2020 themes:
Download all resources

Download resources individually:

Extra-Diocesan Options.pdf
Faith in Action.pdf
Film Night.pdf
Final Meeting.pdf
Fruits of the Spirit.pdf
Getting to Know You.pdf
Grill the Priest.pdf
Guest Speakers.pdf
I Am....pdf
Icebreakers Booklet.docx
Laudato Si.pdf
Lent Youth Alive.pdf
Marys Meals Confirmation Resource.pdf
Meet the Parents.pdf
Meet the Parishioners.pdf
Mini Pilgrimage.pdf
Prayer Booklet.docx
Prayer Sponsor.pdf
The Good News.pdf
The Mass.pdf
The Saints.pdf
Where Do You Stand.pdf